Little Dot Studios Picks Up Curiosity Stream Content


Little Dot Studios has acquired 230 hours of content from Curiosity Stream for its digital network of over 80 channels, including eight FAST channels.

The deal will leverage Little Dot Studios’ digital network and FAST footprint to expand Curiosity Stream’s global presence. Titles in the package include Besieged Fortresses: Battles of Legend, Queens of Ancient Egypt and Putin and the Oligarchs, among other series and specials about science, engineering and natural history.

Ludo Dufour, VP of licensing at Curiosity, said: “We are thrilled to announce this forward-thinking partnership with Little Dot Studios, an industry leader renowned for its innovative data-driven approach to digital content distribution. This collaboration enables Curiosity to leverage Little Dot’s extensive digital network and FAST channels, enhancing our global reach and the impact of our premium content. Thanks to this partnership, our evergreen, globally appealing and high-quality productions will connect with new audiences and further our mission to enlighten, entertain and inspire viewers around the world.”

Connie Hodson, director of content acquisitions and partnerships for Little Dot Studios, added: “To be partnering with an established and reputable platform such as Curiosity Stream and to be able to bring their premium content to the Little Dot Studios network, increasing brand awareness on a global scale, is a huge win for all of us. I can’t wait to unlock the potential that this new partnership offers.”