Jack Harries Climate Doc for YouTube


Climate activist and filmmaker Jack Harries sets out on a 100-day journey in the new YouTube Originals documentary Seat at the Table.

Harries aims to paint a picture of the climate emergency facing our world, traveling by bike, boat and train from the Southern tip of the U.K. to Glasgow for the global climate change meeting COP26 in November. Throughout the trip, he will be filming Seat at the Table, which will premiere on YouTube Originals in October.

Harries will begin his journey by interviewing Sir David Attenborough about climate change and the threat that it poses to our planet. On each leg of his journey, he will meet experts and speak to young people from around the globe who are experiencing the impacts of climate change, some of whom are developing innovative solutions. His trip will conclude with his mission to present a film featuring underrepresented young people sharing their hopes and realities from the front lines of climate change to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other world leaders.

As he travels, Harries will also explore some of the less-discussed issues around climate change—such as equality, food and mental health—and how each one is specifically impacted by climate change.