ITV Studios Australia & The Garden in Co-Development Pact


SYDNEY: ITV Studios Australia and its fellow ITV Studios company The Garden have entered into a co-development partnership.

The Garden, which is behind such shows as 24 Hours in Police Custody and 24 Hours in A&E, will work alongside ITV Studios Australia to develop several fixed-rig program ideas, with an eye toward going into production in 2017.

David Mott, the CEO of ITV Studios Australia, said: “The Garden’s reputation precedes them as Nick and Magnus essentially pioneered the rig show, for which there is now a considerable demand. The current Australian market is primed for such a show and this partnership will make us market leaders in a whole new genre here.”

Nick Curwin, co-CEO of The Garden, said: “Tapping into the international opportunities within the ITVS family is a great opportunity, and this creative partnership is the natural next step for us after the success of Keeping Australia Alive on the ABC. Our colleagues at ITV Studios Australia are fantastic partners and we’re looking forward to being up and running on our next commission for the Australian market very soon.”

Fellow co-CEO, Magnus Temple, added: “The fixed-rig makes it possible to show multiple stories, in fascinating detail—shining a light on the tiny details which reveal so much. Our experience shows us that this type of storytelling is universal and we are looking forward to working with David and his team on uncovering opportunities to tell the every day but extraordinary stories from across Australia.”