iflix & Coconuts Media Partner on Docuseries


iflix has teamed up with Coconuts Media to launch a documentary series spotlighting some of Southeast Asia’s strangest stories.

From Miss Tiffany’s transgender beauty pageant in Pattaya to the volcanoes of Bali and the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, Coconuts TV on iflix takes an in-depth, uncensored look at the most fascinating and undiscovered phenomena in Southeast Asia. Beginning today, anyone in Asia—with or without an active iflix subscription—can stream and download all six episodes of the docuseries for free on any device.

Episodes featured in the docuseries are “Sexy Time,” “Marginalized,” “Needles ‘n’ Knives,” “Animals and Us,” “Wheels of Change” and “Birds and Bugs.” The episodes will explore topics such as how sex has shaped Southeast Asia’s modern culture, music and society, as well as how superstars from historically marginalized groups have transformed themselves.

Mark Francis, iflix’s global director of original programming, said, “Both iflix and Coconuts share a common passion for bringing unconventional, compelling and deeply relevant stories about Asia to our audiences. The series showcases real people and places overlooked or even shunned by traditional news media, taking an unfiltered and youth-oriented approach to news and subculture—offering a perspective on the region you don’t often get to see.”

Coconuts Media’s founder and CEO, Byron Perry, added, “Our goal with Coconuts TV on iflix is to knock your socks off with weird and wondrous documentary stories that you can’t get anywhere else…and we humbly hope we’ve achieved that. Not only did we want to shed light on these untold people and phenomena, we also wanted our audience to give a damn about them. It’s been tremendous to partner with iflix, and we can’t wait for the world to see this show.”