Electus & Dr. Drew to Explore U.S. Opioid Epidemic


Electus and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky are partnering on the multi-part docuseries The Painful Truth with Dr. Drew (working title), which will put a spotlight on America’s opioid epidemic.

The series will feature Dr. Drew, who is board-certified in internal medicine and addiction. He will executive produce alongside Electus CEO Chris Grant, COO Drew Buckley and Rob Buchta. Dr. Drew will delve into the opioid epidemic with unique access to addicts and their families, as well as investigative research. He will also present his ideas for treatment.

Dr. Drew said: “I’ve been working in addiction medicine for over 20 years. I saw this coming. I had a front-row seat to missteps that led us down this rabbit hole and the narrative is different than the people think.”

Grant added: “Dr. Drew has been in the trenches of America’s opioid struggle since long before the general public started waking up to the severity of it, and few have been as consistent in their messaging of addiction prevention and treatment or as outspoken with their frustration about ineffective treatment. While he is globally recognized as the field’s leading authority, this series will showcase Dr. Drew as the audience has never seen and provide the complete story of how this crisis came to be. We are humbled and excited by the opportunity to give Dr. Drew and his incomparable work such a powerful platform to explore solutions.”