E4 Extends Fixers Franchise


LONDON: Following the success of the reality series Tattoo Fixers, the U.K.’s E4 has commissioned Studio Lambert to produce two brand-new Fixer series.

The 6×1-hour series Holiday Tattoo Fixers will see tattoo artists Jay, Sketch, Alice and receptionist Paisley set up their pop-up shop in the Mediterranean for the summer season. Body Fixers, meanwhile, is a 10×60-minute show in which a team of young professionals help individuals with shocking and hilarious beauty and style fails fix their issues.

Dom Bird, the head of formats for Channel 4, commented, “Tattoo Fixers has already proven itself to be one of the biggest entertainment shows on any digital channel this year and we are delighted to be taking our team to the spiritual home of terrible tattoo decisions. In parallel, Body Fixers will offer a complete service to solve only the most outrageous hair and beauty fails, promising to completely transform those most in need of a cure to their personal beauty nightmares.”

Studio Lambert’s creative director, Tim Harcourt, said, “We are having a lot of fun growing the tattoos brand for E4 and it’s great we can now showcase the real holiday experience for young people in 2016—sun, sex, sea and last but not least, tattoos. Similarly it’s only natural that we extend the saving efforts of the tattoo fixers to professionals in the beauty industry. They’ll now have the chance to rescue hairdo horror shows, fake tan shockers and even body modifications that are no longer easy on the eye.”

Both series were commissioned by Bird and Simone Haywood, the editor of formats for Channel 4. Holiday Tattoo Fixers will be executive produced by Matt J. Smith and Harcourt, while Body Fixers will be executive produced by Harcourt and Mike Cotton.