DR Sales Docs Chosen for Nordisk Panorama Competition


The Nordisk Panorama program has chosen three of DR Sales’ titles, including False Confessions, for the Best Nordic Documentary Competition.

False Confessions follows defense attorney Jane Fisher-Byrialsen, who is determined to put an end to interrogation techniques that often pressure innocent people into making false confessions. The film follows four cases—all involving false confessions—and examines the psychological aspect of how people wind up confessing to crimes they have not committed. It is produced by Good Company Pictures in association with Gebrüder Beetz, TV 2, NDR, VGTV, NRK and YesDocu.

The second selection is Golden Dawn Girls, produced by Faction Film for DR and NRK in association with VPRO, SVT, CH8 Against Gravity and Yle. The key male members of the far-right political party Golden Dawn are imprisoned after being accused of carrying out organized criminal activity. To maintain Golden Dawn’s position as the fifth largest political party in Greece, the daughters, wives and mothers of these men lead the party through the upcoming elections.

Beyond Strength, produced by Glass River, was also chosen for the competition. The film tells the story of Reynir Örn Leósson, who became famous in Iceland in the ’70s for being the strongest man in the world.

The Nordisk Panorama Film Festival takes place in Malmö, Sweden, from September 20 to 25.