D360 Inks Deals for Titanic Docuseries


Distribution360 has signed agreements with new broadcast partners in the U.S. and Germany for the documentary series Titanic: Stories from the Deep.

Reelz has acquired the series for the U.S. and will feature it in a Titanic mini-marathon that will take place on the channel on March 7, with all four episodes airing back-to-back starting at 8 p.m. In Germany, Spiegel History (Geschichte) has also acquired the series to air in March.

Produced by Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group and Partners in Motion, Titanic: Stories from the Deep uncovers new history from 12,500 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. It uses cutting-edge technology to explore the unique collection of artifacts salvaged from the underwater resting site of the wreck that tells personal stories. Presented by Victor Garber, who featured as Thomas Andrews in James Cameron’s Titanic, each episode follows these artifacts from recovery to restoration to uncover their connection to passengers on the ship.

Titanic: Stories from the Deep was originally financed by UKTV’s Yesterday, Viasat History, Foxtel and Canada’s Hollywood Suite, with the participation of the Rogers Documentary Fund.

Diane Rankin, D360’s senior VP of rights and executive producer, said: “With its focus on rarely seen artifacts, Titanic: Stories from the Deep brings previously untold stories to the surface and we’re so pleased to find great broadcast partners in Reelz and Spiegel History to bring this excellent series to more audiences around the world.”