Clubbing TV Launching International 4K Channel


PARIS: Lifestyle and dance-music network Clubbing TV has announced plans to roll out a linear 4K channel worldwide by the end of this year.

Set to be called Clubbing 4K 360, the international channel will offer live DJ sets and concerts from festivals around the world, as well as extreme sports, gameplay, drone races and other content shot in 4K. Additionally, it will be complemented by an exclusive virtual reality experience.

“Clubbing 4K 360 will go beyond music and even beyond TV to offer a totally immersive experience,” said Stéphane Schweitzer, the CEO of Clubbing TV. “We are very excited to reveal to our community our premium exclusive VR content. With Clubbing 4K 360 and a mobile device, [you can] participate in mega concerts and thrilling events, dance among thousands of people in festivals, be part of a drone race, drive from a plane or sit in the first row in roller coasters! Stop watching, start living.”