Video Interview: Chicken & Egg Pictures’ Jenni Wolfson & Kiyoko McCrae

Chicken & Egg Pictures was founded 18 years ago to support gender equity in documentary filmmaking. Since then, the company has supported over 500 filmmakers through its various programs, including the (Egg)celerator Lab.

In this video interview, CEO Jenni Wolfson and Program Director Kiyoko McCrae discuss the company’s mission, its second partnership with Netflix, some of the recent projects it has helped come to fruition and more.


Of the projects they fund, McCrae says, “We really like the stories and the issues to come from the filmmakers and really be driven by what they’re interested in. Some of our projects are very personal, some are more political. There’s a diversity in stories, aesthetics. We look for innovation in approaches. We support projects with timely, urgent and compelling issues at stake and stories that are catalysts for social change.”