Married to a Psychopath to Premiere on Channel 4


Channel 4 has acquired the Big Little Fish documentary miniseries Married to a Psychopath, which revisits the police investigation into the crimes of the would-be serial killer Malcolm Webster.

Led by former Detective Inspector Charles Henry, who ran the operation, it documents a manhunt that spanned several continents. The miniseries features contributions from detectives connected to the case, as well as criminologist David Wilson, forensic criminologist Jane Monckton Smith and many people who were close to Webster and Claire Morris, who married and was later killed by him.

Webster was a well-mannered charmer who was also a pathological liar, thief and killer. In 1993, he married Morris, who was killed in a staged car crash eight months later. Webster received over £200,000 ($250,000) in life insurance as a result. Five years later, Webster tried but failed to murder his second wife, Felicity Drumm, in the same way he had killed Claire. Married to a Psychopath picks up the story in the 2000s, when Webster was living in a small town in Scotland and had aroused the suspicions of the local police force while targeting a third victim.

Abacus Media Rights handles the international distribution of Married to a Psychopath.

Mark Procter, executive producer and CEO at Big Little Fish Television said: “A caring nurse, Claire Morris was a loving daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and friend to many. What happened to her and her family is nothing less than a tragedy. In telling her story from the perspective of the local police officers, we’re highlighting the tenacious detective work that finally brought her cruel killer to justice.”