Catalyst & Knix in Doc Initiative


Catalyst, a Toronto-based content company for women creators, and Knix, a direct-to-consumer intimate apparel company, have launched the Knix Fund Catalyst Docs for Change Project.

By aligning with like-minded filmmakers, the initiative will fully fund “eye-opening” feature documentaries about issues and stories that matter and speak to women, with the aim of igniting meaningful dialogue, breaking historical barriers, ending stigma and mobilizing change.

Catalyst/Knix will commission the most promising project and move it into production and distribution.

Knix Founder and President Joanna Griffiths and Catalyst Founder Julie Bristow previously worked together at CBC in the early 2000s and have continued to support each other’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Both women, together and separately, invest in early-stage companies helmed by female entrepreneurs.

Griffiths said: “As a brand, we view ourselves as storytellers and know the impact that storytelling can have on how we view the world and see ourselves. This initiative will help us make a lasting impact on some of the overlooked issues affecting women and help spark the conversations that need to be happening now. I am so proud to be starting this important journey in uncovering the untold stories that affect women and helping them get the attention, focus and, importantly, financing they need to come to life.”

Bristow commented: “The values of Knix and the thought-leadership that Joanna has provided on so many women’s issues align perfectly with Catalyst’s mission to open eyes, minds, and hearts with unapologetically brilliant storytelling by and about women. To achieve a more inclusive world, we need more stories led by women creators. Sometimes the only way to catalyze change is to challenge legacy business models by investing in new paradigms. This partnership does just that. We will ensure important stories get told because we’ll finance them. ”