Canal+ Orders Pernel Media & Vivendi’s 4K Pyramids Docudrama Series


Pernel Media, an independent French TV production company, and Vivendi Entertainment have partnered for a 4K docudrama series about the building of the ancient Egyptian pyramids that has been commissioned for Canal+ Group channels.

Secrets of the Pyramid Builders, a six-part series that takes viewers into the heart of the construction of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza, combines 4K fictional scenes shot on location in Morocco, archaeological research shot in Egypt, expert interviews and VFX reconstructions. The series was co-written by Christopher Holt and Sigrid Clement, who also acts as series director, with Alain Brunard serving as its drama director. Secrets of the Pyramid Builders, which will be distributed globally by Vivendi Entertainment, has been ordered for Canal+’s Planète+ and C8 channels.

Samuel Kissous, president of Pernel Media, said: “Secrets of the Pyramid Builders is a hugely ambitious docudrama series that dramatically retells the true human stories behind these incredible structures. The construction of the pyramids was a project so huge that it shaped the first nation in human history 4,500 years ago, bringing together thousands of men and women and millions of tons of materials from across Egypt and colonized lands. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring back to life these incredible stories in a unique docudrama series the likes of which hasn’t been seen before.”

Matthieu Porte, executive VP of international and development at Vivendi Entertainment, added: “We are glad to partner with Pernel Media and our sister channels on an ambitious project with such a global appeal. This will confirm Vivendi Entertainment’s position as one of the most active players in non-fiction distribution in Europe.”