Bravo Reveals Eight New Projects for Development


Bravo Media has added to its development slate with eight new projects, including a docu-comedy series featuring radio personality DJ Envy.

Gold with Envy (working title) follows DJ Envy, host of the hit syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, and his wife Gia as they attempt to balance their chaotic lives.

Raising the Bar: Hong Kong (w/t) is a docuseries that follows a group of American friends who are nightlife power players as they attempt to grow their own empires in Asia.

A prank show, Your Shitty Family (w/t) sees families will compete against each other in a series of embarrassing, awkward and hilarious pranks they’ve come up with themselves—specifically designed to torture their kin.

Beverly Hills Driving School (w/t) follows LA’s premier driving instructors as they attempt to teach some of the most challenged drivers who are rich, spoiled and famous.

High-fashioned celebrities and Bravo-lebrities are forced out of their champagne bubble in Pampered Campers (w/t), which sees former NFL baller and outdoor enthusiast Dhani Jones take them on a wilderness adventure that’s anything but posh.

The docuseries Real Housewives of the 1960s (w/t) features a cast of modern women who will be sent back to the 1960s to experience the ultimate era of the American Housewife.

Inspired by Ravi Patel’s documentary Meet the Patels, Will You Marry Us (w/t) sees a group of Philadelphia-based singles embark on a cross-continental search to meet their perfect match using age-old arranged marriage techniques and surrendering complete control of their dating lives to their larger-than-life and opinionated loved ones.

Set in the air on a multimillion-dollar private jet, Flying High (w/t) spotlights the pilots and flight attendants who cater to jet-set guests ranging from rambunctious rappers with their entourages to over-the-top couples with pampered poodles.

“Bravo offers a wide scope of programming that gives viewers many options to escape their normal reality mixing humor and fun with layered storytelling resulting in addictive series that offer unique worlds and characters,” said Rachel Smith, senior VP of development at Bravo Media. “With this new slate of development, we’re testing unexpected environments and loud formats that aim to attract a wide audience while staying true to what makes Bravo so distinct.”