Bravo Partners with Viola Davis for In a Man’s World


Bravo has paired with Viola Davis, alongside Davis’ and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions and Lucky 8, for In a Man’s World, a new series that will see women temporarily transform into men.

The social experiment, executive produced by Davis, will see four women morph into men for several days after months of training. With the help of Academy Award-winning makeup artists and skilled voice and movement coaches, each woman will explore what the world is like as a man. The series is slated to premiere in the fall.

Each episode of the series will follow a different woman. From a professional pool player to a pastor, the women will be tasked with venturing out into the real world, testing their training by going about their normal routines in both professional settings and facing their closest friends and family members.

Davis said: “We at JuVee continue our commitment to illuminate the challenges and obstacles of the voiceless. Our goal is to be disrupters. We are so proud of the originality and boldness of In a Man’s World and it is our hope that it shifts you a little.”