Big Media & NTV Co-Producing Fatal Engineering


As part of an output deal with RTL Germany’s NTV, Big Media is co-producing the new factual series Fatal Engineering with NTV Production.

Each episode of Fatal Engineering unravels the details of high-profile building accidents, from structural collapses to technological failures, exploring the human errors, design flaws and unforeseen circumstances that created a chain of events that resulted in tragic outcomes. NTV will have exclusive free TV, SVOD and AVOD rights to the series in Germany and non-exclusive rights in German-speaking Europe.

Fatal Engineering is our second series under our output agreement with NTV and like the first, Modern Warfare 2.0, this series will make extensive use of 3D animation and CGI to really get inside the disaster and identify what went wrong, how and when,” said Big Media’s Martin Kaše. “These high-quality productions are made possible through co-production agreements like this one, which provide our output and co-pro partners with exclusive rights to premium original content in their territory, which they couldn’t get via traditional acquisition deals.”

“Big Media is not only an important partner for us in terms of content, but also strategically,” said Christian Hensgens from RTL. “Productions such as Destruction Decoded, which premiered last year, are extremely successful among NTV’s core target group and recognizably set us apart from our competition. We are looking forward to the premiere of Modern Warfare 2.0 this spring and are excited to get straight into the production of Fatal Engineering with Big Media.”