BBC Two Orders New Labour from BBC Studios


New Labour (working title), a five-part docuseries about the political movement in the U.K. made by BBC Studios’ Documentary Unit, has been commissioned by BBC Two.

This series will offer an intimate portrait of New Labour, charting their leadership in Britain throughout the 1990s and 2000s, a period of war and peace, terror and national trauma. New Labour (wt) will explore their controversial political legacy and the powerful personalities—including Prime Minister Tony Blair and political heavyweight Gordon Brown—and emotional fault lines that ran through their years in power.

Patrick Holland, BBC Two controller, said: “Thatcher: A Very British Revolution was an exceptional piece of television, exploring in minute detail and with vivid color the life of the dominant political figure of her age. I am delighted that Steve Condie and his brilliant team are now embarking on this new documentary project, charting the rise and fall of the New Labour project which became synonymous with the subsequent decades.”

Steve Condie, executive producer at BBC Studios, said: “This is a great opportunity to examine the big characters who led New Labour through a politically seismic era, to understand their dramatic personal experiences, examine what they believed in and reveal how they shaped the country we live in today.”