BBC Factual Orders Stacey Dooley-Led Convent Special


BBC Factual has commissioned Firecracker Scotland for the one-hour documentary Stacey Dooley—Inside the Convent for BBC One and iPlayer.

The doc will see Dooley reside with the sisters at The Order of the Holy Paraclete Anglican Religious Community at St Hilda’s Priory in Whitby. She will live alongside them, following their strict timetable of work and contemplation in an effort to understand the way they live and to find out if there are aspects of this lifestyle she could bring into her own.

Dooley said: “I had wanted to film in a convent for a while, so was delighted when the sisters at St Hilda’s invited us into their home, allowing us to truly witness and experience firsthand their way of life. I really do believe it can be hugely beneficial, spending time with those you wouldn’t usually. It forces you to see things from an entirely different perspective, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in their convent! Thank you, sisters!”

Daisy Scalchi, BBC commissioning editor, said: “We’re so excited to have Stacey’s collaboration on this new film for BBC One. It’s enlightening to see Stacey living with this unique community, alongside a group of women who have dedicated their lives to exploring some of life’s biggest questions. We’re also very grateful to the nuns at St Hilda’s Priory for their honesty, openness and for offering us a rare window into their world.”

Director Alice Bowden said: “It is a huge privilege to be given access to film in a convent, and Stacey, with her natural warmth and curiosity, is the ideal presenter to explore this contemplative life and tackle some of the bigger questions so many of us have been wrestling with over last few years.”