Aurora & Earthrise Studio to Deliver Voices for Change


Sir Lewis Hamilton’s X44 Vida Carbon Racing Extreme E team has commissioned the new global project Voices for Change, produced by Aurora Media Worldwide, an All3Media company, in collaboration with Earthrise Studio.

The project aims to raise awareness about the environmental consequences of motor transport and the importance of transitioning to sustainable alternatives by empowering local activists to share their stories. The series consists of six films from Kenya, England, Brazil, the Philippines, the U.S. and India, featuring activists who are involved in combating the effects of climate change on their communities.

The integration of the X44 Climate Creator Network is central to the series. The platform was developed in partnership with Aurora and Earthrise, connecting rising young climate activists with Aurora’s existing network of global filmmakers to fund and showcase up-and-coming young filmmakers and content creators telling stories of sustainability.

Lewis Hamilton’s YouTube channel, X44 Vida Carbon Racing and Earthrise Studios social platforms are being used to showcase the global stories and characters.

Hamilton comments: “To really understand how the world works, you have to see it through different eyes. I travel all over and I know there is nothing more powerful than letting people tell their own stories. Uplifting diverse, creative voices is a huge passion of mine. So, I’m proud for my Extreme E team X44 to pair videographers with six climate activists from six different countries to share their inspirational stories of how movement is impacting their lives and communities.”

Lawrence Duffy, managing director from Aurora, commented: “We’re proud to support this initiative from Lewis and the X44 Vida Carbon Racing Extreme E Team. Climate change has dominated the news agenda this summer, and we have a responsibility to play forward, help protect environments where sport is played and communities benefit. These films are part of that wider story. There are many more to tell.”

Jack Harries, Earthrise co-founder, said: “We’re proud to contribute to this initiative and raise awareness about sustainable transportation. We’re pleased to have utilized Earthrise’s expertise and network, working with X44 and Aurora to effectively share authentic stories through these talented activists and creatives. We hope this project continues to drive the conversation on this crucial topic.”