Atlas Media Options Gangsters vs. Nazis for TV


Atlas Media Corp has closed an exclusive deal to option Gangsters vs. Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America, written by best-selling author Michael Benson.

The book is set in 1930s America, when a growing wave of fascism began to take root in the country. It tells the story of an organized resistance of notorious mobsters who waged war against the Nazi activists who started gathering in American cities.

Bruce David Klein, Atlas’s president and executive producer, said: “The title Gangsters vs. Nazis immediately conjures up visions of brownshirts and fedoras, steel pipes and bloody street brawls—and there’s plenty of that in the story. But author Michael Benson goes far beyond that, and with his impeccable research and riveting writing style, delivers a thrilling knockout punch of true-to-life characters and over-the-top stories as the American Nazis of the 1930s tried to subvert America.”

Benson added: “I’m looking forward to collaborating on this documentary project and have no doubt, given Atlas’s track record, that audiences will be riveted by this important, overlooked story of America’s fight against fascism.”