Another Season of The Big Life Fix for BBC Two


BBC Two has ordered a second season of the hit documentary series The Big Life Fix from Studio Lambert.

The new 4×60-minute installment, voiced by Simon Reeve, will look on as a group of the U.K.’s leading designers, engineers, programmers and tech experts come up with innovative interventions and solutions to everyday problems. The show’s sophomore season is due to debut next year.

Ros Ponder, executive producer for Studio Lambert, stated: “The Big Life Fix is an incredible series for all of the family—heartwarming, humbling—it’s the kind of television that leaves you with goosebumps.”

Abigail Priddle, BBC’s commissioning editor for specialist factual, added: “Over 66 million people watched Emma, a young designer with Parkinson’s, writing her name again. This show is a remarkable example of how cutting-edge technology, engineering and computer programming can transform people’s lives. From the last [season], two of the design teams’ prototypes have gone on to full clinical trials and we are excited to see what positive impact the team might have this time.”