Adjoa Andoh Boards BBC’s Serengeti


Adjoa Andoh, Bridgerton star and voice of the BBC children’s show The Smeds and the Smoos, has joined the third season of BBC’s Serengeti as narrator.

The new season highlights the daily challenges of life in the Serengeti using multi-camera viewpoints and immersive filming techniques over 1,000 days. It also captures what animals such as baboons, lions and leopards do to survive when fire rages across the plains and leaves behind a wasteland.

The co-production between Discovery and BBC, created by Emmy Award-winning producer Simon Fuller, is directed by Emmy-winning director and producer John Downer. It is executive produced by Fuller and Downer and made by XIX Entertainment and John Downer Productions.

The new season of Serengeti will air on BBC One this month.

“The thing I was most struck by is the relationship of these groups of animals,” Andoh said. “When they are threatened from the outside, wow! Even the smallest creatures can bind together and fight off a potential threat. And I find that incredibly moving. And I really hope the series touches people in a way that makes them reflect on how we treat nature. It really touched me and it’s also just tremendous to watch.”

Downer added, “I am delighted that Adjoa has been able to lend the clarity and warmth of her beautiful voice to Serengeti III and the story it tells. In each series, the camera teams capture astonishing behavior from inside the animal world. This time our animal characters surprised us once again in ways I could never have imagined. I always wanted it to be the animals’ story, about the intimacy of their family lives, their relationships and how their way of life speaks to us. This time, above all others, it seems they had something important to tell.”