Abacus Media Rights Retains Fiona Gilroy in Flame Acquisition


Fiona Gilroy, the former content sales and acquisitions director at Flame Media, will be working with Abacus Media Rights (AMR) following the company’s recent acquisition of Flame.

“Fiona has been an integral part of building the success of Flame Media,” said Jonathan Ford, AMR’s managing director. “As we move forward and Abacus Media Rights develops and integrates the Flame business, we are delighted that she will be joining us to help further develop producer relations in the region.”

At AMR, Gilroy will manage producer relations and acquisitions throughout Australia and New Zealand and look at funding models.

Previously, Gilroy built and managed international content sales businesses for Film Australia and SBS and has worked as a consultant in the industry for over 30 years. She was a board member of the AIDC from 2014 to 2020, serving as co-chair for five years, and was a member of the AIDC Advisory Committee for the 2021 conference.

Gilroy said: “I am very excited to be able to continue my relationship with the great producers in Australia and New Zealand who contributed to the Flame Media catalog over the past ten years. The caliber of content coming from this region is second to none. It’s also wonderful to see the existing Flame catalog benefiting from the renewed vigor of being part of Abacus Media Rights and the combined Abacus Flame sales team, and I fully expect that new content from ANZ will find a fabulous home in the AMR catalog.”