Zodiak Kids’ Jean-Philippe Randisi Departs as CEO


Jean-Philippe Randisi is exiting his post as chief executive officer of Banijay Group’s Zodiak Kids, with the search for a new CEO currently underway.

Randisi first joined Zodiak Kids in 2014 from ITV Studios Global Entertainment. He is credited with helping to restructure the children’s business, merging its original three entities in the U.K. and France into Zodiak Kids. During his tenure, the company has produced Lilybuds, Floogals, Kody Kapow, Secret Life of Boys and Spy School.

Marco Bassetti, the CEO of Banijay Group, remarked: “Jean-Philippe has served as a great leader for our kids’ business and we wish him all the best with his future endeavors. He has built a wealth of strong brands in the market and we are looking forward to seeing where we can take the company next.”