Wind Sun Sky to Launch Kids’ Multiplatform Offering


Wind Sun Sky Entertainment, the Ontario Water Centre and its ClearWater Farm social enterprise have teamed to introduce Potatoverse, a climate-focused multiplatform digital universe for children.

Potatoverse revolves around a time-traveling, eco-superhero chicken named Potato, also known as Future Chicken. Potato travels back and forth from 2050 and reveals how today’s ideas, no matter how small, have led to lasting positive effects and a better future.

The platform will feature a variety of entertaining and educational experiences for young change-makers and is geared for kids aged 6 to 10. This includes hundreds of animated 30- to 60-second videos and an initial series called The Future Chicken Today Show that uses game-engine animation technology to enable Potato to interview in fun ways for kids’ climate experts, celebrities and kids taking steps to help the planet.

The initiative also includes games on Roblox, a podcast for families to listen to together and a website hub where kids, parents and teachers can connect.

Potatoverse is set to formally launch in September 2023 under the Future Chicken global brand.

Annabel Slaight and Catherine Winder are behind the initiative. Slaight is the founding chair of the Ontario Water Centre educational charity and co-founder of the OWL kids’ magazines, books and TV programs. Winder is CEO of Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and is a former top executive at LucasFilms, where she worked on Star Wars: Clone Wars, Angry Birds, Ice Age and Invincible.

“By providing kids with an optimistic lens, the Potatoverse/Future Chicken universe holds transformative potential to help the next generation become innovators who will make a lasting impact on our planet,” Winder and Slaight said. “By empowering kids to explore their own ideas while fostering a deep connection with nature, Potatoverse will be a forum for kids to contribute meaningfully as catalysts for positive change. We are filling the hope gap for children when it comes to the future. But as it should be for kids, play and fun is at the heart of everything we are doing.”