VIS & The Mediapro Studio Prep Club 57 Season Two


ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) and The Mediapro Studio are starting production on the second season of Club 57, the teen musical series co-produced for Nickelodeon Latin America.

In season two, Eva and Rubén continue their time-traveling adventures, but this time they are not the only ones leaping through time. Their paths will cross with unexpected time travelers that will put not only their intelligence in check but their hearts as well.

Created by screenwriter Catharina Ledeboer, the series is comprised of 60 one-hour episodes led by an international cast that includes Evaluna Montaner as Eva, Riccardo Frascari as JJ, Sebastian Silva as Rubén, Andres Mercado as Manuel, Carolina Mestrovic as Vero and Fefi Oliveira as Mercedes. The second season will also bring new cast members to the show, which will be announced in the coming weeks. The soundtrack will once again be composed and produced by Ricardo Montaner, with musical contributions by musical producers Mau y Ricky, Evaluna Montaner and Colombian singer-songwriter, Camilo Echeverri.