U.K. Broadcast Deal for Tik Tak


Serious Lunch has licensed Tik Tak, a cognitive-development series for toddlers, to the BBC.

Tik Tak is a mixed-media production of 104 5-minute non-verbal episodes, done in live action, stop-frame, silhouette and motion-capture animation. The series was first acquired by YLE, NRK and DR, and a second season is already in production for delivery in winter 2020.

Telidja Klaï, professor of developmental psychology at VRT (Ketnet), said: “Tik Tak is the ideal program for very young children; it focuses on stimulating perceptual development in toddlers and preschoolers. By systematically and structurally offering various combinations of colors and shapes in repetitive movements and with recognizable musical compositions, children are stimulated in their perception, creativity and fantasy.”

Genevieve Dexter, CEO of Serious Lunch, commented: “It was at a meeting with NRK at MIPCOM 18 that I realized there was an interest in programming for toddlers, and so when I saw Tik Tak from VRT at MIPTV 19, I not only thought what an amazing and well-researched program, but also that there might be a starved demand for this type of programming for very young children.”