TV Kids In-Demand: Korean Animation


Working with the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), TV Kids is putting the spotlight on the Korean animation business. In this report, we highlight SIDE9’s CodenameX, Mostapes’ Dinosally, Maro Studio’s F.I.X. Corp., ANYZAC’s iN:APP, Moggozi’s Little Dreamer Gguda and Pixtrend’s Nabi’s Adventure.


Commissioners: Netflix, YouTube
Producer: SIDE9
Description: (Spy comedy action, 52×5.5 min.) An ordinary boy named Blue has time-slipped into the past and grows into an intelligence agent.
Pitch Perfect: Suddenly sucked into a world of espionage, Blue must outwit villains to complete his adventurous missions using his limited 11-year-old boy knowledge from the future or become trapped in the past.
Sales Contact: SusangDo, Producer.


Producer: Mostapes
Distributor: Mostapes
Description: (Preschool, 104×5 min.) In Dino Town, everything is awesome! A young pink dinosaur named Sally goes on adventures every day in Dino Town with her friends.
Pitch Perfect: A peppy, plucky dinosaur named Sally and her besties Blambi and Tibo see an exciting opportunity for fun in Dino Town and Dino School. Sally is roaring fun whether in class or out on a field trip. Spectacular things will happen if she has friends to stomp along with!
Sales Contact:
 Lucy Park, Head, Business Development.

F.I.X. Corp.

Producer: Maro Studio
Description: (Sci-fi action adventure, 52×15 min.) The story of Gremlin, who was only breaking down machines, meeting a human boy and setting up a company to fix machines.
Pitch Perfect: Educate the composition and operation of the machine while fixing home appliances. The friendship between the Gremlin and the boy is solved in a fun way.
Sales Contacts: Joon Kim, Executive Producer; Soohee Kim, Producer.


Commissioners: KBS, SK Btv, Tooniverse, JEI TV, JTBC
Producers: ANYZAC, SKB, KBS, SBA
Distributor: ANYZAC
Description: (Fantasy/comedy/action, 56×7 min.) Protecting the digital world!
Pitch Perfect: Meet Jackie and Robin on extraordinary duties in the digital world.
Sales Contact: Jene Hur.

Little Dreamer Gguda

Producers: Moggozi, SHOH Enterprise, Lotta
Distributor: Moggozi
Description: (Fantasy/adventure, S1: 24×11 min., S2: 24×11 min.) The special five kids who live on the island show their infinite imaginative view of the world that turns everyday lives into something extraordinary.
Pitch Perfect: Five kids living on the island show boundlessness through their daily lives and imaginative world. How does the world look through the kids’ eyes?
Sales Contacts: Harry YoonHayden Chung.

Nabi’s Adventure

Commissioner: Pixtrend
Producer: Pixtrend
Distributor: Pixtrend
Description: (Sitcom, 26×11 min.) Nabi is a stray cat that helps weak, delicate humans who don’t even have fur. “It is not easy to be a butler for a human!”
Pitch Perfect: A cute and brilliant adventure that unfolds from an omniscient cat’s point of view!
Sales Contacts: Do Young YimJane Lee.