Ameba TV Partners with Green Apple Entertainment


The children’s SVOD Ameba TV has partnered with Green Apple Entertainment to bring 12 new films to its service in the U.S. and Canada.

Among the Green Apple films to be added to Ameba’s catalog of over 14,000 titles is Treasure State, which follows two teens who must put aside their rivalry to stop bandits and survive in the brutal wilderness. Treasure State and the other Green Apple titles will be added to the service this month.

Other titles included in the deal are The Little Wizard: Guardian of the Magic Crystals, Harriet and Herbert’s Day at the Beach, The Adventures of Acela, JK’s House, Lost Wilderness, Adventure of the Treasure Boys, Guardian of the Ancient Shadow Crown, The Widow’s Might, Goonie-Boys: Curse of Mayan Coin, The Adventures of Chris Fable and Aperture Kids and the Mysterious Neighbor.

“We have found that movies for young audiences are highly appealing to our family audience,” said Tony Havelka, president and CEO of Ameba. “Parents are eager to have new programs to watch and new child-centric platforms to access them on. Our ‘movie of the weekend’ pilot proved to be popular for us. We’ve seen substantial growth in the number of feature-length titles in our catalog along with increased audience engagement. This results in more subscriber value and boosts royalties for providers.”

“It is exciting to see what President Tony Havelka and his team are doing with their brand and making their app available across multiple platforms,” said Joshua K. Carpenter, head of global acquisitions and sales at Green Apple Entertainment. “We are thrilled to partner with Ameba and bring our children’s content to their engaging streaming service for their audience to enjoy!”