TV Kids In-Demand: Korean Animation


Working with the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), TV Kids is putting the spotlight on the Korean animation business. In this report, we highlight Aurora World’s OYOYO, Young Toys’ Super 10, Mostapes’ Dinosally, Pixtrend’s Virtual Guardians, Studio Gale’s Tomon Car and Iconix’s Tayo, the Little Bus.


Producer: Aurora World Corp.
Distributor: Aurora World Corp.
Description: (Kids 6-9 K-pop/cats/idols/fashion/school, 52×11 min.) Fifty percent kittens, 50 percent harmony, 100 percent adorable.
Pitch Perfect: OYOYO takes its viewers on a journey through the ups and downs of becoming a celebrity through the lens of relatable (and adorable) characters. The story follows the members of the girl group OYOYO as they chase their dreams of becoming pop stars in the entertainment-centric world of Catmia.
Sales Contacts: Albert LeeCeline Ahn.

Super 10

Commissioner: Young Toys
Producers: Young Toys, Winsing
Distributor: Young Toys
Description: (Boys action/adventure/fantasy, 104×11 min.) A fight through time and space to protect the Super Stone fragments and save the world.
Pitch Perfect: Historical background, time travel and camaraderie.
Sales Contact: Yohan Kim.


Producer: Mostapes
Distributor: Mostapes
Description: (Preschool, 78×5 min.) In Dino Town, everything is awesome! A pink young dinosaur named Sally goes on adventures every day in Dino Town with her friends.
Pitch Perfect: A peppy, plucky dinosaur named Sally and her besties, Blambi and Tibo, see an exciting opportunity for fun in Dino Town and Dino School. Sally is roaring fun whether in class or out on a field trip. Spectacular things will happen if she has friends to stomp along with!
Sales Contact: Lucy Park, Head, Business Development.

Virtual Guardians

Commissioners: KBS, SBA, SK Broadband
Producers: LUX Studio, Bamhaneul Studio, Pixtrend
Distributor: Pixtrend
Description: (Kids 7-11 action adventure, 26×11 min.) Doctor Gang, the developer of the Gaia World, selected five genius boys and girls and a clever puppy as the so-called “Guardians” to defend against the threat of the AI. Will they be able to win the virtual battle with the AI?
Pitch Perfect: Virtual Guardians need to save the world from the AI, which calls itself God reigning over mankind, dominates the virtual world and eventually attempts to expand its reach to the reality of mankind!
Sales Contacts: Do Young YimJane Lee.

Tomon Car

Commissioners: MBC, Tooniverse, JEI, Bravokids, Btv, KT, U plus, YouTube, Wavve, Watcha, TV Chosun, JTBC, MBN
Producers: Studio Gale, CJ ENM, YUJIN Media
Distributor: Studio Gale
Description: (Kids edutainment, 60×3 min.) Characters full of diverse personalities that reflect the trend of global automobile toys.
Pitch Perfect: Characters with distinct personalities and appearances are designed with a basis on toy cars that children of ages 3 to 5 are attracted to. An equal ratio between genders is intended to conform to the trends in worldwide preschool content. Responds to the constantly changing nature of YouTube Kids.
Sales Contact: Tom Yoo.

Tayo, the Little Bus 6

Commissioner: Iconix
Producer: Iconix
Distributor: Iconix
Description: (Preschool, 26×11 min.) Tayo and the other little buses are city buses in the city where various transportations live together. The little buses’ home where they had various experiences has been refurnished. What else will happen in the second-floor garage?
Pitch Perfect: Tayo, the Little Bus is a South Korean animation series, depicting the stories of a variety of transportation characters living in harmony. The series deals with core values such as friendship, adherence to traffic rules, respect and consideration for others.
Sales Contacts: Jungeun KimSunghee Park.

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