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Hayeon Park
Project Manager
As the umbrella government agency for Korean content industry promotion, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) supports the production of content by genre in the area of broadcasting, games, music, fashion, animation, characters, cartoons and immersive contents. KOCCA engages in planning, creative production, distribution, overseas expansion, fostering companies, talent training, research and development of culture technology, financial support and policy research for these contents. With the power of content and culture, KOCCA will lead the innovative growth of Korea. The content industry extends beyond the realm of culture and is attracting attention as a promising future industry, driving innovative growth in the national economy. For the sustainable advancement of our contents, KOCCA supports the companies with innovative contents by providing policy financing and plans to lead the future content market by laying the foundation for innovative growth as we promote leading immersive content. Moreover, to make our contents take place in the daily lives of people around the world beyond Korea, KOCCA will actively support overseas expansion and lead the new Korean Wave. As a public agency, KOCCA will take the lead in generating social value. To promote sustainable growth of the content industry, KOCCA will fulfill our responsibilities as a public agency and take the lead in creating social value by fostering a fair and mutually sustainable business ecosystem, creating more job opportunities and by supporting equitable regional development.
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