Toei Sends Animated Shows to TubiTV


LOS ANGELES: Toei Animation and TubiTV have closed a deal that sees several animated series, including Tiger Mask W, headed to the streaming platform.

The agreement goes into effect today. Ten English-subtitled series are covered in the deal, with the recently launched Digimon Adventure Tri among them. Other shows set for the subscription fee-free U.S. digital network are Majin Bone, Rowdy Sumo Wrestler, Saint Seiya Soul of Gold, Gaiking, Captain Harlock, PreCure, Interlude and Galaxy Express 999.

“We are excited to bring our classic titles and recent successes to TubiTV’s innovative platform,” said Masayuki Endo, the president of Toei Animation. “With renewed interest in our greatest hits, it has become important to find the best online streaming partners.”