Spacetoon to Bring Dragon Ball Super to MENA


Spacetoon is teaming up with Toei Animation to bring Dragon Ball Super to viewers in MENA, to be followed by the launch of a range of toys into the market.

The third season of the anime series is making its way to MENA with Arabic dubbing this month, marking the 20th anniversary of Spacetoon. All the episodes from the season will be premiering on the new video streaming platform Spacetoon Go and then will be broadcast on the Spacetoon network.

The toys are expected to hit retail across MENA in mid-2020 and be available for purchase from various different retailers. The toys will be distributed in the MENA market by ToyPro, a Dubai-based company and the official distributor of Dragon Ball Super toys.

Fayez Al Sabbagh, president of Spacetoon, said: “We are so proud to be the company which introduced this successful franchise for the first time years ago and to bring it back again to MENA through Spacetoon.”

He added: “We are impressed by the toy line and the quality of the toys created by BANDAI Co., and we are very excited to be part of launching this toy line into the MENA market in collaboration with ToyPro and deliver the toys to the hands of customers in 2020.”