TeamTO Sends Yellowbird Movie to China


PARIS/BEIJING: TeamTO has inked a distribution deal with Taikong Works for all rights to its animated theatrical feature film Yellowbird in China.

Taikong Works will distribute Yellowbird throughout China across all platforms, including cinema, digital media and traditional broadcast. A theatrical release is set for Chinese New Year in January 2017. Taikong will also roll out ancillary rights and promotions alongside the film release. This agreement marks the first to come out of TeamTO’s new Beijing office, which opened this past summer.

Yellowbird features the voices of such Hollywood stars as Seth Green, Elliott Gould, Christine Baranski and Dakota Fanning. The movie was sold by Simon Crowe from SC Films International into 50-plus markets, and debuted theatrically in more than 35 countries around the globe.

“Our partnership with TeamTO represents our belief in the massive potential of the Chinese film market, and the opportunity for Chinese investment in the international film industry,” said Kexin Liu, co-founder of Taikong Works.

Guillaume Hellouin, the president of TeamTO, added: “The traditional relationship where international companies outsource to Chinese animation companies is quickly evolving into a more bilateral relationship, with co-production, co-finance and co-distribution in a global market of high-quality projects flowing in both directions.”