Studio 100’s Kosmoo Gets App Extension


Telenet and Studio 100 TV have partnered to roll out a new interactive app for the kids’ series Kosmoo.

The KosmooPlay app allows kids to take part in interactive adventures as families embark on a scavenger hunt that can be played at 26 nature and recreational locations throughout Flanders. The storyline of the second season of Kosmoo is unveiled as children use the free app to progress along the walking routes associated with the app, encouraging kids to get outside and play.

In the game, kids help Kosmoo, Robbe and Ellis look for stolen animals, complete assignments and play games to expose an animal thief who has made the creatures disappear without a trace. The full second season of Kosmoo is currently available on Telenet Play and Studio 100 TV.

Benny Salaets, the director of content distribution at Studio 100, said, “This is really what we mean by ‘digital storytelling.’ Children experience and influence a story, not from home, but out in nature with a small screen in their hand.”

Jeroen Bronselaer, the senior VP of residential marketing at Telenet, commented, “At Telenet, we believe it’s important to create an extensive and high-quality range of programs for children, even on Play. Kosmoo quickly conquered children’s hearts last year. Now that we are ready to launch [season] two, the range for children on Play will be even better. And with the KosmooPlay app, we can take the Play experience outdoors.”