Studio 100 Places Blinky Bill, Nils Holgersson in Canada


CANNES: Studio 100 Media has licensed the exclusive free-to-air rights and non-exclusive SVOD rights for The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill and Nils Holgersson to Radio-Canada.

The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill and Nils Holgersson are both currently in production. The two new 52×12-minute CGI-animated series will be ready for broadcast next year.

Martin Krieger, the head of global distribution at Studio 100 Media, commented: “We are delighted about this collaboration with Société Radio Canada, which brings our brand-new shows to viewers in North America. Both Nils Holgersson and Blinky Bill are well-known international brands and we are confident that these high-quality CGI series will be as successful as the originals and will capture kids’ attention in Canada.”

Lisa Savard, the senior director of Radio-Canada’s youth programming, added: “Radio-Canada prides itself on offering its young viewers some of the best series from around the world, allowing them to access a wide array of cultures, experiences and sensitivities. Those brand-new productions featuring beloved classic characters such as Nils Holgersson and Blinky Bill will be greatly appreciated by French-Canadian children.”