Studio 100 Media Boards Vegesaurs


Studio 100 Media has been appointed to manage the worldwide distribution of content and licensing and merchandising rights for Vegesaurs.

The CGI action-comedy series is produced by Cheeky Little for the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) and France TV. Principal production funding is provided by Screen Australia, with Studio 100 as co-investor.

In the series, “Vegesaurs” are vegetable- and fruit-shaped dinosaurs ready to address and teach relatable themes for upper preschoolers such as getting to sleep, sharing, friendship, nurturing mealtimes and play.

Based on a concept created by Gary Eck and Nick O’Sullivan, the 20×5-minute series is targeted at preschoolers. It is planned for delivery in 2022. ABC will broadcast it in Australia under the title Ginger & the Vegesaurs.

Patrick Egerton, executive producer at Cheeky Little, said, “It’s been a wonderful journey developing and producing Vegesaurs. It’s a completely fresh take on the dinosaur genre, packed with action, comedy and heart, and we can’t wait to introduce kids to the creatures, sights and sounds of Vegesaur valley.”

Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 Media, added, “We have already received great feedback from various partners to whom we presented Vegesaurs in advance. Everybody loved the creative way that vegetables have been transformed into dinosaur creatures and kids around the globe will do so as well. The series offers a variety of excellent opportunities with regards to content distribution and in licensing and merchandising!”