Spotlight: ZDF Studios


ZDF Studios is spotlighting Grisù, centered on a little dragon who dreams of being a firefighter.

Though all positions are filled at the fire station, he is able to help out as needed, whether as a cook, florist, pilot or sailor.

In #LikeMe, a young girl’s life in a remote village is thrown into upheaval when her mother is diagnosed with cancer and they must move to the city to be closer to the hospital.

Heirs of the Night sees the heirs of the five remaining vampire clans of Europe unite to beat Dracula and avoid extinction. “Their different backgrounds and the fact that each of them has special qualities and powers makes this series a very timely production and teaches children the meaning of diversity,” says Katharina Pietzsch, Director Junior.

“We want to send a positive message, educate kids and put things in context, but also empower children and give them
a voice,” Pietzsch says.