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Jetpack Takes on Welcome to Cardboard City


Jetpack Distribution has acquired the worldwide rights for Vinewood Animation’s Welcome to Cardboard City.

The agreement covers two 10×5-minute seasons of the animated comedy series and the 9-minute special Fire in Cardboard City. The show targets children 6-plus and their families.

Each season consists of two story-arcs spread over five episodes, all with cliffhanger endings. In Cardboard City, giant robots attack, aliens make unwelcome contact and radio-active slime turns everyday bungling heroes into bonafide super-powered superheroes. The show is made through a combination of 3D animation and motion capture.

Dominic Gardiner, Jetpack’s CEO, said: “Welcome to Cardboard City is such an innovative and hilarious concept, we were pretty hooked from the start. The series and special has received global critical acclaim, incredible recognition through awards and festivals and an almost cult following. And it’s easy to see why. Comedy animation is hugely important for the world’s kids and their families right now. I want everyone to see this show.”

Co-creator Phil Brough said: “Matthew and I were sitting around one day thinking about what the hardest job in the world would be. We came up with a firefighter in a city made of cardboard. We wrote the script for Fire in Cardboard City that night. The next day I sat down to animate it. A mere five years later, I finished. Much to our surprise, people loved it. The short film traveled the world, won dozens of awards and spun off into the TV series Welcome to Cardboard City. Amazingly we still love doing it and can’t wait to make more.”

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