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Spotlight: Winsing Animation


The kid characters in Winsing Animation’s Team S.T.E.A.M.! overcome problems using a STEM curriculum of science, technology, engineering and math, with athletics and the arts thrown in for good measure.

“Young people all around the globe will enjoy seeing themselves reflected in our diverse group of characters with different cultural backgrounds,” says Ben Gu, CEO of Winsing. GOGOBUS, meanwhile, is rooted in social and emotional learning. Another highlight is GG Bond: Dino Diary.

GOGOBUS and Dino Diary embrace and celebrate the fascination that preschoolers have with dinosaurs and vehicles, with themes of adventure and rescue while encouraging basic scientific thinking skills as the audience learns about modern science technology, life science, natural history and paleontology,” says Gu.

He adds, “We’ve been in deep dialogue with major broadcasters in every region and country in the world.”

Echo Gu, VP of Winsing Animation, said: “During the hard time in this year, Winsing always strives to content creation and keeps open-minded for trying some more new possibilities. The COVID-19 may ground us at home this year, but culture communication and international interaction will never stop.”

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