Spotlight: Boat Rocker Studios


Boat Rocker Studios’ catalog features Dino Ranch, a second season of which—with new characters, locations and more adventures—is slated for this year.

The preschool series “portrays the excitement of the great outdoors and is a thrilling combination of dinosaurs and ranchers—topics adored by children around the world,” says Gia DeLaney, senior VP of global sales for kids and family.

Season two of Love Monster, which aims to help children understand and accept their emotions, introduces a new character voiced by Emmy-winning actor Rosamund Pike and sees the return of George Takei’s character, Elder Panda. The tween dance series The Next Step follows the adventures of A-Troupe, combining dynamic dance routines with the daily ups and downs of its characters. “Tweens can be inspired by its aspirational messages,” DeLaney says.

“All of these shows tap into universal themes that are instantly relatable wherever kids may be watching,” adds DeLaney.