Sesame Workshop Teams with HiHo Kids


Sesame Workshop has partnered with Cut Media’s HiHo Kids for two new episodes of the YouTube series Kids Meet, which gives children the chance to participate in one-on-one interviews with interesting people.

The collaboration between the two companies focuses on the theme of conservation, with the episodes allowing children to meet a beekeeper and a marine biologist. The aim is to help kids understand the importance of different insects and animals, learning through the lens of an interview where they can ask anything they want.

In “Kids Meet a BeeKeeper,” debuting on the Sesame Street YouTube channel on May 9, various children and Elmo meet a beekeeper to learn about the importance of bees and their role helping flowers and plants grow through pollination. The beekeeper showcases real honeycombs, their beekeeping suit and more.

In “Kids Meet a Marine Biologist,” premiering on July 13, Elmo and the kids meet a marine biologist who explains all about the world’s oceans and how to keep them clean.

This marks the second collaboration between HiHo Kids and Sesame Workshop.

“HiHo Kids is absolutely thrilled to once again collaborate with the esteemed Sesame Workshop, an iconic and globally renowned brand that has been at the forefront of children’s education and entertainment for over 50 years,” said Abigale Smith, VP of strategic partnerships at Cut. “This partnership signifies the convergence of two influential brands, combining Sesame Workshop’s educational legacy with HiHo’s mission to create empathy through play, using innovative approaches to content creation. By collaborating on the Kids Meet series, we have the unique opportunity to leverage the immense influence and positive reputation of the Sesame brand to deliver impactful and meaningful content to our young audience.”

“After the success of our previous collaboration, Sesame Workshop is excited to once again partner with HiHo Kids to provide videos focused on educational but fun topics, encouraging children to tap into their imaginations and curiosity,” commented Vera Verba, director of YouTube content strategy and programming at Sesame Workshop.