Sesame Workshop Expands Efforts to Help Ukrainian Children


Sesame Workshop has expanded its initiative to support Ukrainian children affected by the ongoing conflict through a new partnership with 1+1 Media Group and its PLUSPLUS channel.

PLUSPLUS will begin airing 140 animated five-minute videos designed to bring early learning to children, with particular attention to the unique needs and experiences of those affected by the war, on March 27. The new content will also be available to stream on Kyivstar TV.

Sesame Workshop has created this new content based on research that shows that access to high-quality early childhood development can mitigate the effects of prolonged stress and help children build a better future. The new videos are grounded in research with a curriculum developed by a team of global experts. They help children learn to identify and label their emotions, allowing them to develop social-emotional skills that build resilience in the face of adversity.

Sesame Workshop already has Welcome Sesame resources in Ukrainian in order to reach children, caregivers and teachers in Ukraine and the surrounding region. They have been helping families cope with the trauma of forced displacement, communicate and process what they are experiencing and develop a sense of belonging in new places. Funding for the Welcome Sesame response came from the USAID-funded Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative III.

In addition, Sesame Workshop has released a series of live-action short films about positive self-identity that were created with Ukrainian educational advisors and a local Ukrainian production team. The videos celebrate contemporary Ukrainian identity and heritage through dance, music, arts and crafts, language and food.

“As we mark one year since this crisis began in Ukraine, early learning and nurturing care for young children and caregivers continue to be an essential need,” said Sherrie Westin, president of Sesame Workshop. “We are proud to partner with PLUSPLUS to bring our beloved Muppets of Sesame Street to Ukrainian children and their families. Our new content was designed to meet this moment and build on Sesame’s long history of harnessing the power of media and Muppets to deliver playful learning, joy, and hope to young children.”

“One of the main tasks of PLUSPLUS is to implement projects of a social nature that will inspire children, teach good habits, and help in solving certain issues,” said Ivanna Naida, general producer of the PLUSPLUS TV channel. “In the context of Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine, when the level of stress and tension is at its maximum, it is important for us to maximize efforts and do everything possible to help children and parents find strength and live emotions correctly. We are proud of our cooperation with Sesame Workshop because it is unique for Ukraine. We believe that the content that will be broadcasted as part of the project will help millions of families cope with difficulties.”