Sesame Ventures Invests in Creative Computing Company Kano


Kano, a computer company that provides users of all ages the power to create technology, has received an investment from Sesame Ventures.

Together, Kano and Sesame Ventures will explore future collaboration opportunities that will allow both companies to share knowledge, insights and best practices regarding parents, children and their interaction with technology from the very early stages of life. The investment serves as an extension of Kano’s Series B round of $28 million raised in November 2017.

“Educational computing for kids is an emerging field, and with the investment and confidence of Sesame Ventures, part of the same organization behind the iconic brand Sesame Street, Kano will have the opportunity to define a new developmental framework—coupled with an ecosystem of media and products that will help kids ‘level up’ as they grow older,” said Alex Klein, Kano’s CEO and co-founder.

“With Sesame Ventures, our goal is to aid entrepreneurs whose work closely aligns with our mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder,” said Tanya Haider, executive VP for strategy, research and ventures at Sesame Workshop. “We are pleased to partner with Kano and, in the future, explore the creation of products, content and research that positively impact the way parents and children approach and learn about technology.”