Rai Debuts Economic Literacy Series Pipo, Pepa & Pop


Pipo, Pepa & Pop, a 2D animated series aimed at introducing children over 5 to economics and finance, has debuted on Rai Yoyo and RaiPlay.

The series centers on siblings Pipo and Pepa, their dog Pop and a Scottish elf named Adam, who lives in a magic money box equipped like a British castle. Pipo and Pepa overcome the typical problems of children their age and manage everyday situations related to finance and economics.

The characters determine when they should buy a new pair of football boots, how ATM cards and ATMs work, how to choose a new backpack and more. Pipo, Pepa and Pop discover the answers together with Adam, who plays the bagpipes for every wrong answer and does a dance of joy for every right one.

Beginning December 2, the series will air in the afternoon on weekends on Rai Yoyo as well as in its normal everyday morning slot.

Pipo, Pepa & Pop comes from Fiorella and Maria Elena Congedo, together with Rai Kids and supported by the scientific advice of the charity FLIC, the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, established by the Financial Times. It is also supported by the Apulia Film Fund and Regione Puglia.