Serious Lunch Secures New Deals for Operation Ouch!


Serious Lunch has secured new agreements around the world for Operation Ouch!, the BAFTA Award-winning series from Maverick TV for CBBC.

Last year, Operation Ouch! landed in Germany on ZDF, which has picked up a second season of 15 episodes of the series for broadcast on KiKA. ABC, Czech TV, Qatar-based beIN, Canal Once in Mexico, Noga in Israel and ETV in Estonia have all licensed more episodes, with additional clients being signed. The series features the identical twins Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand as well as Dr. Ronx experimenting and exploring the world of medicine and biology, showing audiences the amazing things one’s body can do.

The eighth season of Operation Ouch! aired on CBBC this winter. Top Doks, the Dutch format of the series that is produced by EO for NPO, is in production on its fourth season. A U.S. format is in development at Maverick and Serious Lunch.

Leila Ouledcheikh, Serious Lunch’s director of global sales, said, “Wherever this series transmits, the ratings are consistently high and it secures a loyal and wide following. If it is not sitting in the number one spot on CBBC, then it is always in the top ten.”