Riki Group Enters VOD Pact with Dusyeri Animation


Riki Group and Dusyeri Animation are partnering on exclusive VOD cross-distribution of their IPs Tina & Tony and Pepee in Russia and Turkey.

Tina & Tony, produced by Riki Group, will be distributed by Dusyeri in Turkey. Pepee, which is made by Dusyeri, will be distributed by 4Screens, a division of Riki Group managing multiple YouTube channels, in Russia and CIS countries.

Julia Nickolaeva, the CEO of 4Screens, remarked: “We are happy to add to our YouTube portfolio a series [that] we believe has a great potential. Pepee is already popular with the audience in Turkey, Germany, England and other countries, so we are sure Russian kids will love him too.”

Beti Hekimoglu, the license director for Dusyeri, added: “We are happy to collaborate with the most popular animation holding Riki Group and 4Screens in Russia. We will add Tina & Tony to our Dusyeri YouTube Channel and we believe that Turkish kids will love Tina & Tony.”