Premiere Set for Rainbow’s Pinocchio and Friends


Rainbow’s new series Pinocchio and Friends, a take on Carlo Collodi’s classic Pinocchio fairy tale, is slated to premiere on November 29 on Rai Yoyo.

The premiere announcement comes after the series’ creator, Iginio Straffi, made an appearance with the brand-new Pinocchio character on the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival. His take on the classic fairy tale will bring the story into the modern world while maintaining its original charm.

The 26-episode Pinocchio and Friends will see Pinocchio, his friend Freed and Talking Cricket go on adventures and meet new characters.

“Our Pinocchio speaks to children in a lighthearted way, encouraging them to cultivate their dreams with stories full of colors, adventure, twists and empathy,” said Straffi, president and founder of Rainbow. “We played with the original fairy tale and created plots in which children can recognize themselves, but still tightly connected to Pinocchio’s typical universe. Pinocchio is the most beloved Italian character ever created in fairy tale literature, and Rainbow Group’s roots are Italian. Now, more than ever, children need and deserve attentiveness and support from grown-ups; the story of Pinocchio represents the greatest love of all for childhood and an enriched path to adulthood. It was time to go back to Collodi’s tale and make it a contemporary hit.”