POPS Worldwide Music Series Launches on Netflix Vietnam


POPS Worldwide’s Mầm Chồi Lá, a music series featuring kids’ songs and nursery rhymes, has premiered on Netflix Vietnam.

The show originally debuted in 2015 on the POPS Kids YouTube channel and has garnered 1.9 billion views since then. Its songs teach lessons about love, family, friendship and life.

Popular children’s songs such as Trống Cơm, Chị Ong Nâu và Em Bé and Ba Ngọn Nến Lung Linh are featured. Kids can also enjoy a festive holiday playlist that includes Ông Già Noel Ơi, Sắp Đến Tết Rồi and Bánh Chưng Xanh.

“We are proud to be Asia’s leading edutainment brand for millions of Vietnamese children, offering a wide range of engaging local and international edutainment and entertainment content,” said Esther Nguyen, POPS Worldwide’s founder and CEO. “We always do our best to bring high-quality music education content to children that helps them develop important skills, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy.”