Pikwik Pack Toys & Books Launch in U.S. & Canada


Toys inspired by the Guru Studio series Pikwik Pack have launched for consumers in the U.S. and Canada at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

From Playmates Toys, the new line of toys includes a collection of figures and vehicles. Pikwik Pack storybooks by Scholastic Publishing are also launching this month on Amazon, with Target set to launch the collection online later this year.

The full product lineup includes the Pikwik Pack Figure 2-Pack Assortment, Axel’s Truck Vehicle with Off-Road Axel, Tibor’s Train Vehicle with Conductor Tibor, Working Together is Better storybook and Suki Goes with the Flow storybook.

Pikwik Pack follows four animal friends as they work together to deliver magical surprises to the kind citizens of their bustling town.

Karl Aaronian, senior VP of marketing at Playmates Toys, said: “From its lovable characters to engaging storyline, Pikwik Pack fits perfectly into our core preschool business. It’s great to work closely with Guru Studio and the growing young brand.”

Jonathan Abraham, VP of sales and business development at Guru Studio, said: “We’ve seen tremendous demand for Pikwik Pack toys ever since the show first launched. We’re excited to finally deliver these incredible toys and books into the hands of our fans.”